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As mentioned in my other blog post entitled “Sirao Peak – Being Silly”, I went back to Sirao peak for a sweet revenge to witness the true beauty of it. I tagged along a friend of mine since she was curious about the peak and we both wanted to witness the city lights.


I already shared my first experience in this mountain and I do not intend to do the same thing. lol Together with a friend of mine named ”Mhanz”, we decided to hike this mountain during daytime. Since, I am already aware of the place and the trail. It will be a quick hike for both of us.


As mentioned in my first post, My family and I always go to Cebu every year. With that said, Mhanz is always present whenever I visit Cebu. She was sort of an organizer/initiator for us (her old friends) to have a get together activity.

This time around, I told her about my plan of going back to Sirao Peak since I was not able to document it properly during my first attempt. Without hesitation, she wanted to come along with me out of curiosity.


During my first attempt to hike Sirao peak, I got lost in the process (Read my first post). That is why instead of telling how I got lost, I will show you how to get there. (See photos below for reference)

Street sign “Canada Drive”
Road heading up
The Outpost
Trail Head

To give you an idea, it will take you 5 to 6 minutes to reach the trail head starting from the Canada drive street sign depending on your pace. If your motorcycle taxi driver is familiar with the trail head then there’s no need for you to walk.


In our journey, Mhanz brought a car so we could reach the area much faster. If you have read my first blog post about Sirao peak, I mentioned there that I got lost and eventually reached an area called “Sirao Flower Farm”.

In that area, they provide paid parking space where you can avail for only 50 pesos. However, my only tip for you is to go back to the parking area when there is still light available.

In our experience, since we also wanted to witness the city lights while at the peak. We went down late and the road going back was very dark, same as the parking area (Not recommended if you have valuable items inside the car).


All in all, the hike was a success because I was able to document our experience. Instead of writing what happened during the hike. I will post some of our photos below and I want you to watch the video attached in this post. Hope you enjoy our quick adventure.