Even though I have an experience in hiking different mountains before, there is still a part of me that tends to be silly at times. An example of this was when I hiked the peak of Mt. Kan-irag or most commonly known as Sirao Peak.

Before I share my story, let me tell you something about Sirao Peak. To avoid confusion with the title, I only hiked the peak of Mt. Kan-irag and did not start from the base of the mountain. The peak is accessible via a shortcut route and it will just take you 20 minutes to reach the top.


Every year, my family attends a mini reunion in Cebu with our relatives. Since I am from Manila, I am always curious about the different mountains in Cebu. My curiosity led me in searching different articles from the web and I happened to visit an awesome website by Ms. Gly or also known as Chasing Potatoes.

She blogged about her experience in Sirao Peak where she chased the sunrise. After reading her inspiring story, I decided to do the same thing that she did. In that way, my journey to the peak would be a lot easier, or so I thought.


As mentioned, I am from Manila and my journey began by travelling through air. We arrived at Mactan-Cebu International airport at around 11 o’clock in the evening of May 12. We headed straight to my relatives house then settled for a quick chat.

Part of the conversation was their plan for the following day. They were planning for a beach get away in Bantayan Island but I have a different plan of my own. I was determined to hike or experience even just one mountain in Cebu. Fortunately, they allowed me to push through with the hike and reminded me that I have to take care of myself since I am hiking alone.


I barely slept that night and the excitement already kicked in, then came 3 o’clock in the morning of May 13. I left the house and waited for a motorized trike (tricycle) that could take me to the nearest taxi stand.

To my surprise, there was none and I already in doubt if I can even chase the sunrise just like in Ms. Gly’s blog. Luckily, my cousin arrived with his motorcycle and I explained to him that I was waiting for quite some time. He offered to take me to the taxi stand and it was a really a time saver.

I then took a cab to go to ”JY Square where habal-habal (motorcycle taxi) stand is located. When I arrived at the area, a motorcycle taxi driver approached me. We negotiated with the transportation fee and not long enough, we left the area and proceeded to ”Canada Drive.


Canada drive is sort of a reference point that you are already in the area but I was wrong. I thought that the trail head is visible and near the street sign. I even asked the driver about the trail head but he has no idea either. And so, my problem began.


Google map image (edited)

It was really dark and I was trying to figure out where to go. I already took my headlamp out to help me in my search for the trail head. I started walking since I noticed a road (photo above) heading up where I think the peak is located. I was just actually guessing. haha

Google map image (edited)

After walking for 3 minutes, I reached an area that looks like a security outpost (photo above). There was someone standing outside so I took that chance to ask where the trail head is located. He told me to continue walking and look for it on the right.


I did what the man told me that I should continue walking and look for the trail head on my right. I noticed that I was already walking for quite some time. It was really dark and I can sense that a heavy rain will fall soon.

I eventually reached a place where I saw a sign that says ”Sirao”. I felt so relieved at that moment but when I read the sign completely, it says ”Sirao flower farm”. hahaha Damn, that feeling of being lost! So I continued walking and reached some sort of a fruit market. I saw this old lady outside her fruit stall and I asked her about the trail head. (Imagine an old lady in the dark, Scary! lol)

Google map image (edited)

I was surprised when the lady told me that I was already far. She mentioned that it was just near the security outpost. Say whaaaaat? What a crazy experience, I ended up going back and finally saw the trail head to my left (photo above). Believe me, the photo was not even close to the real thing. It was really dark and I forgot to mention, it was already raining hard at that time when I went back.


Under the heavy rain and darkness, I felt uneasy with my situation but I did not give up. It was already 4 o’clock in the morning when I started hitting the trail. Cold and drenched, it took me 20 minutes to reach the top since I have deal with trail forks before actually getting inside the forested area. 


Just like the title of this blog, I was being silly to even attempt hiking alone. I didn’t expect that I will encounter any problem but it was a learning experience for me. My attempt of hiking alone taught me a lot of things and I thank God for it. I will end this blog by posting different photo at the peak.

I apologize if I only provided few photos since my Gopro battery died (I guess I accidentally pressed the ON button when I took something inside my bag). I was not also able to use my camera phone due to weather condition.

There’s a Part 2 of my Sirao Adventure. I went back to appreciate more of its beauty. You can read it by clicking this link.