An hour away from the town of Boljoon, there’s no better way to end our trip than to hike in Osmeña peak. The trip was worth the time and effort as I was mesmerized by its scenic view.


It was always a goal of mine to hike in Osmeña Peak and it took me three years to finally reach that goal. If you have read my previous post, you’ll know by now that I live in Manila and I visit Cebu every year for our reunion.
For two years, I was not able to go to Osmeña peak for different reason. For the first year, everyone was just so busy that I couldn’t find anyone to go with me. The following year, I was set and ready to go by myself but luck was not on my side. I got sick days before my planned hike and it was kinda heart breaking.
Finally,  I was able to achieve it on the third and here’s my story.


I was still with my friend “Mhanz” when we hiked in Osmeña Peak. Since we brought a car, the travel from Boljoon was fast and hassle free but we were racing against time as it was close to sunset.

We tried to remember this area (photo above) for this was our gateway to Osmeña peak. The road going to the top was fascinating that even if you are driving, you just couldn’t resist looking outside to have a glimpse of nature.

We drove for quite some time until we reached the jump off area. The road was kind of muddy but we were able to park our car in a safe area. There were a lot of activity when we arrive like children playing, people singing karaoke, and others was just there to hike like us.

We proceeded by registering our names before we hike, it was sort of the norm when hiking mountains. A small fee was then collected and some offered to be our guide. As much as I want to help those kids by letting them be our guide, the trail was just pretty straightforward and I wanted to enjoy every second of it. (They are kids after all, I will have that sense of responsibility)


I really had fun on our way up. All I can see are smiles from people heading down. The mood was so light and happy, I couldn’t resist going faster to reach the top. lol The hike was quick, it took us 15 minutes to reach the peak. 


To be honest, I wish there were only few people at the peak but that was not the case. It sort of ruin the moment of relaxation with nature. I guess just like me, a lot of people wanted to witness the scenic view. I dealt with the situation and just made the best out of it. Took some snaps and video at the peak.

The experience was great! I was able to witness the sunset as well. It was windy up there and I think it was about to rain. Fog already started hiding the view so we decided to go back down. What can I say, it was a success. Another check in my bucket list. 


You can watch the video by clicking the link here.