About Us

What is this website all about?

This website aims to share fun & inspiring stories through my outdoor activities, travel and other stuff.

Who’s behind TRIPNIDANEM?

Hey! What’s up? Let me introduce myself. I am Dan Magsino and I am blogger living in the Philippines. I started my own website so I can share my personal experiences for others to read and for me to look back in the near future when I get too old. lol

I am also a freelance graphic designer and video editor. I like taking videos and photos as well. 

What’s with the name “TRIPNIDANEM”?

At first, I wanted to name my website “Danventure” but unfortunately someone already owns that name and domain. In the end, I chose “Tripnidanem” because I can use the word “TRIP” and gave it a double meaning.

Trip in my native language means everything you want to do like food trip, road trip, karaoke trip, whatever activities you can think of. Another meaning would be “TRIP” which simply means to go to another place. With that said, I just added “NI” (a tagalog word) which means “OF” (in english). I,  then added “Danem” (a combination of my name “Dan” and the sound of the first letter of my surname which is “em”). Amazing isn’t it. (crazy! lol)

Ten (10) years from now, what are your plans for TRIPNIDANEM?

Aside from blogging, I want to use my brand to put up a small business soon like creating my own merchs and expanding to different services such as editing, printing and other graphic design needs. Hopefully, with the help of our Almighty God, I will succeed in the near future.